• Christian Nindyaputra Octarino
  • Yohanes Satyayoga Raniasta


Nowadays, the phenomenon of people’s social life has an impact on the increase of public interest towards public spaces in urban areas, including in Yogyakarta. Kilometer zero Yogyakarta is one of the public spaces that are very popular and always crowded with visitors both within and outside the city. This prompted the local government to make this area as the initial stage of the Malioboro revitalization program. This research aims to evaluate the effect of ground cover material selection on environmental thermal conditions, which indirectly affect the quality of space. This research uses quantitative method, by using software simulation. The research variable is the ground cover material which was originally asphalt changed into andesite stone. The results of the simulation will show the temperature and humidity values of the area before and after the revitalization program to see the effect of material selection, so it is expected to be a consideration for the government in the city development program in order to improve the quality of the environment and also to maintain the community comfort.
Keywords: public space, environment thermal, ground cover material, simulation


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